Ancre Somme Association Scotland 

Patron Lt Col Ant Maher, Ambassador's Alison Moodie OBE, WO2 John Knox, Veteran David Birrell, Alexander Stewart MBE MSP, Anas Sarwar MSP,

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In Memory of Lt Col Gary Tait MBE Patron

Lt Col Gary Tait joined the British Army in 1983 into the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), a Light Role infantry battalion.  He progressed through the Rifle Company appointments that included a spell in the Signal Platoon and as an Armoured Infantry Gunnery instructor. He held appointments at the Scottish Divisional Depot as an Instructor and RMAS as an officer cadet.   He has deployed on operational tours of Northern Ireland, The Gulf war, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Commissioned in 2002 he held posts as the Unit Welfare Officer, Officer Commanding the Regimental Recruiting Team and Regimental Career Management Officer. Gary was further employed at the Army Personnel Centre as a Staff Officer before attending Staff College in Shrivenham for 9 months. He studied with Kings College London for an MA and undertook a senior staff appointment in a Divisional Headquarters. Gary was the lead staff officer for the implementation of the Army Recovery Centre at the Erskine Edinburgh home.


From 2010 to 2016 Gary was back at regimental duty undertaking a further two operational tours of Helmand in Afghanistan and supporting a further tour of duty in Kabul. He held the post of Executive Officer for 6 SCOTS based in Glasgow from 2016 to 2018. He is currently employed as the SO1 for Service Personnel Welfare at MOD Whitehall.


Gary is also further engaged as a director with British Forces Broadcasting Service and as the Chairman of McCrae’s Battalion Trust. He also recently led a team that was credited as the Army Benevolent Fund fundraisers of the year.


Gary was awarded the MBE in 2002, a Queens Commendation for Valuable Service in 2014 and a Chief of the General Staff’s commendation in 2016.


Lt Col Gary Tait MBE


I am both humbled and delighted to be asked to be Patron of Ancre Somme Association Scotland. We can never fully repay the debt we owe those who have served and sacrificed for our country but we should all be ready to do all we can to acknowledge them through engagement, education, and remembrance.


The Association has made huge steps forward in a relatively short time and has captured the concept of remembering the Great War, WW2 and subsequent Wars and Conflicts through positive, open and transparent education and engagement across a broad cross section of the community.


Encompassing all ages and backgrounds, acknowledging and supporting differing understanding and awareness of these momentous events, the Association is managing to ensure that a strong and unbreakable link to our shared history will remain and grow with those we most owe that education; our youth.


There are a number of organisations who by nature support service personnel and their legacy; Ancre Somme Association Scotland also delivers this by remembrance, but crucially it is developing a credible and tangible liaison with education providers to deepen that understanding.


"I applaud and wholeheartedly support their positive efforts in this challenging but hugely rewarding area"


By affiliating and sharing, the Association has and will continue to reach out and engage with our communities ensuring that the core elements of its constitution are met and delivered in full. To do this a programme of awareness and fundraising has been entered into and I commend everyone to supporting them wherever they are able to do so.


I personally further commend the Association for all the hard work that they do to preserve the collective memory of those who have served by engaging with so many and I wish them every success indeed as they continue their outstanding work. I commit my support to them in all that they do.


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Ancre Somme Association Scotland has been awarded 10 silhouttes from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, that will take part in our Great War Commemoration on Saturday 20th October 2018 at the Kirk of Canongate, Edinbrugh.


They will also be used at our Whitburn Remembers "Families of the Great War" Commemoration on Saturday 10th November 2018.

Click picture below - ASA Patron's Lt Col Gary Tait MBE,  Lt Col Ant Maher and Lt Col Jules McElhinney 2017

Lt Col Gary Tait MBE talks about ASA Scotland, CLICK his picture below to listen..